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1257. **SOLD** Exceptionally fine and interesting Early Bronze Age "drip slip" decorated vessel

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You must agree that the early pottery from the Holly Lands which I offer is far finer than you will find elsewhere!

This large and very fine example of "drip slip" decorated Early Bronze Age pottery characteristic of the type found in the Trans-Jordan area, is the best example I have come across, bar another, larger piece in my own collection.

it is in the Red Burnished Ware fabric and unusually delicate, with very light weight thin walls. There are six pairs of equally placed "nipple" decorations around the belly; and the care  with which the "drip slip" decoration has been applied to the inside  fo the rim is quite clear.

There is some blackening on one side of the piece, as  is almost invariably the case.

Totally intact. A short hairline crack down from the rim on one side  but this is entirely stable.

170 mm across the rim and 158 mm high.

If you want only one example in your collection  of this fairly rare type of pottery, this must be it!

Early Bronze Age 3100 BC  - 2900 BC.

From an Israeli collection and found in Israel of course.

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