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1834. **SOLD** Nice Egyptian Osiris bronze

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A nice, essentially complete bronze of Osiris, wearing the double Atef crown.

Slender and well made with a nice face.

Good metal with some red cuprite. The specks of blue in the patina are often referred to as azurite but although this description is widespread on the internet it's usually
incorrect. Azurite is unstable and transforms to malachite
(green) in presence of humidity. Artifacts made in arsenical bronzes
(especially Chinese), can have blue
patinas, but this is not  azurite, but
blue  copper arsenate. 

Copper in Egypt often contained natural arsenic and this accounts for the blue patches often seen in the patina on  Egyptian bronzes.

89mm (80 mm withouty peg)

Egyptian, Late Period, circa 500 BC


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