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2000. **SOLD** Antique Roman coin cast collection

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I'm a sucker for unusual things! I couldn't resist this.

Any collector of Roman  coins would be intersted int his!

This is tray box (slightly damaged) , 355mm x 248mm x 80mm, comprising 4 coin trays and containing 63 painted plaster casts (three are damaged) made from Roman coins and a few medallions; some of the coins are extremely rare types. The original coins would appear to have come from, according to the booklet,  Carpegna Museum, and from Albani Museum.

There are 25  in the trays with cards and 38 without cards but a lot of cards there without coins on them so I think many or most of these will actually have cards.

The inside of the lid shows the name of the owner Mr Edward Gray and there is a probably date writen on it, "1836" but I suspect that is the date Mr Gray acquired this set which may have been made somewhat earlier, towards the begining of the century.

It comes with a booklet in Italian, 2 pages printed on hand made paper and the rest written in old brown ink a fine hand hand. 

The main page translates more or less:  (and with thanks to Aldo)

I. The twelve Caesars, impressions from antique medals, set in a little box with lid into twelve units with leather under, and over with cotton, printed index, that reproduce (explain ) the inscription and the types, Roman Shield One (Scudo Romano Uno)"is the price in the SCUDI unit
II "..Can't read low resolution , as above, from Pompeo to Postumus in three little box with 35 units each, total 105, displayed, as above, with printed index, Roman Piastre 8 (Is the price)
III Another set again from Pompeo to Postumus in 20 box with 35 units each, in total 700 impressions as above, are the medals of the same imperators with latin reverse more beautiful and most rare, 50 Piastre
If you buy II and III set you will have 805 impressions of antique medals each different from other, now we offer a very rich supplement   IV Impression of Vatican Medaillons, from Pompeus to Postum, from the original from Carpegna Museum, illustred by Buonarroti senator, and from Albani Museum, with some description with a manuscript index, number of about  400, set in 17 plate with 24 unit each with leather and cover, as above, Piastre 40
V Series of medaillons from Postumus to Justinian from the above museums and others, in number of 120, set of 5 plates of 24 unit each, Piastre 9 This serie can be a supplement of the III serie and IV serie
VI Plate with 35 units as above with portraits of imperators from Postums to Justinian, , form the same original medaillons as above, as supplement
of the serie II, Piastre 2 and half

Who want buy only the impression and not the plates, PIASTRE 6 each 100only the impressions of the medaillons, PIASTRE 7 and half each 100
These set are on selling at:

Mr. Tommaso Pirolli incisore at Gregoriana Street after Palazzo Tomati
At bookshop of Mr. Gio. Pietro Imperiali at the Carbognano Arch
And at Filippo Aurelio Visconti at Giulia Street near the Palazzo Falconieri

Price: 345 GBP

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