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2075. **SOLD** Unusual 21st dynasty pottery shabti

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This especially slender pottery shabti shows the characteristic features of shabtis produced in the Delta area such as the long tripartite wig,  the very slender body and the use of hoe and rope.

Repaired as you can see.


Egypt, Third Intermediate Period, 22nd dynasty

Ex Spanish collection. Prior to that  in a Dutch collection.

Comes with a special pdf from last owner.

For shabtis with a similar typology, see the shabtis of Djedkhonsuiuefank, found in Tell Basta (AUBERT, pl. 51)


Librairie d'Amerique et d'Orient. Paris. 1974.

Statuettes égyptiennes, chaouabtis, ouchebtis.
Price: sold GBP

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