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4459. *RESERVED* Stone amulet of the head of the demon Pazuzu

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A white stone, probably marble, amulet of the head of the demon Pazuzu.

Fairly worn.

Drilled top to bottom for suspension. There is a deep hole pit on the left side: this may have been the beginning of another suspension hole. Some of these amulets do have both vertical and horizontal holes.

Worn very smooth


Although Pazuzu was a malevolent force, bringing famine during dry seasons, his image was used on amulets to ward off his enemy Lamashtu, a terrible female demon who  preyed on newborn babies and their mothers. The amulet was either placed on the mother or child or larger ones were placed above them on a wall.

Difficult to date precisely.  Old Babylon - Neo Assyrian. Probably mid 1st millennium BC.

Ex Belgian collection.

Price: 195 GBP

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