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4530. **SOLD** Good pair of Greek gold earrings

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An attractive pair of  hollow gold boat shaped earrings the bodies of which are wrapped with three decorative gold bands.


27mm long.

Not easy to date this type of earring precisely as this shape was a popular one throughout  the Mediterannean and Near East for a very long time. They were almost certainly manufactured in the eastern Mediterranean or Levant rather than in Europe proper and probaby quite early, around 1st century BC.

On the other hand, a friend whose collecting specialises in ancient jewellery believes them to more likely be Phoenician or Greek as such and several hundred years earlier. See the last photo showing parallel example from another dealer. They suggest 3rd - 1st cent BC. That one priced as a single earring....! Whew!

Ex an Israeli collection.

Price: sold GBP

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