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4635.**SOLD** Interesting 30th dynadsty faience shabti

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A rather interesting named Late Period shabti where we know exactly where and when at least some of the group were found.

In a nice light greenish blue faience with deeply impressed and clear hieroglyphs reading for the owner one Ankhneferibre and his mother being a lady called Hetepbastet.

Ankhneferibra can be understood to mean  'Psamtek II is alive'.

Intact, 99mm.

Egyptian 30th dynasty.

Several found at Giza in 1925. Only two with inscriptions which arranged slightly differently, as indeed the MFA one isa also. Harvard University—Boston Museum of Fine Arts Expedition, 1925 Accession number: 25.5312 . And one in the BM but not on show there. Ref: Museum EA 73987.

See Giza archives:

For the name, see Ranke, PN I, 65 [5], and III, 17 [ad 65 (5)].



This example acquired from Bernard C Pickard in 1971.

Invoice shown is for other items bought at around that time.

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