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5149.**SOLD** Very rare scarab for Yakbim Sekhaenre

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A rather rare royal scarab for a 14th dynasty king.

Although  there is some damage at the hole ends the cut base is  totally intact.


According to Ryholt's 1997 book, Sheshi is attested by 396 seals alone which is 3 times more than the next highest figure of 123 seals

for Yakbim Sekhaenre who is another Asiatic ruler in Egypt whose precise dynasty or timeline is unknown.

Ryholt 1997. K.S.B. Ryholt. The Political Situation in Egypt during the Second Intermediate Period c. 1800-1550 B.C. Carsten Niebuhr Institute Publications 20. Copenhagen

As it  is not certain that the prenomen Sekhaenre belongs to Yakbim one cannot be precise about the dating

Ryholt places him  1805 BC - 1780 BC

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