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5385. **SOLD** Handsome Roman Brancaster Type portrait ring.

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A very handsome bronze Brancaster Type signet ring with a characteristic rectangular bezel
Named after the Roman Fort and Norfolk village where the first example was discovered in the mid-19th century,
Some such rings have what appear to be portraits of the emperor, soldiers or lovers while others feature several dolphins and mythical sea creatures such as sea griffins, which are frequently depicted in late Roman art.
Dark matte patina.
Intact and very wearable; quite large size for a Roman ring
Bezel 14mm x 11mm
Size UK X, USA 11 5/8
Roman Byzantine, circa 4th 5th  century

Reference: Brancaster type signet rings: A study in the material culture of sealing documents in Late Antique Britain. James Gerrard and Martin Henig. Bonner Jahrbucher

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