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5398. **SOLD** Cut end on funerary cone for Ineni: very famous fellow

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Cut end on funerary cone for Ineni,

Avery important man who served the kings Amenhotep I, Thuthmosis I, Thuthmosis II, Hatshepsut and Thuthmosis III

He had many  titles, Superintendent of the Granaries, Superintendent of the Workmen in the Karnak Treasuries, Superintendent of the Royal Buildings, and Ha-Prince of the city,  

but on his cones it is recorded:

Honoured by Osiris, Inspector of scribes, Ineni, True of Voice

His family tomb is  the Theban Tomb TT81 at Sheikh Abd el-Qurna, on the west bank of the Nile, opposite to Luxor.

The tomb shrine contains four statues depicting Ineni, his wife, named Ahhotep and nicknamed Thuiu  and his parents, father named Ineni as well and his mother Sitdjehuty

An autobiographic  stela had been cut in the outer chamber of the tomb - sadly now destroyed - but fortunately a copy had been made; he describes how he was promoted -

"I increased beyond everything...... I cannot tell it. But I will tell you this, all people: hear, all: Do the good that I did, do all likewise.

My years were passed in gladness, because I showed no treachery, I did not inform against any one, I did no evil.

I was devoid of hesitancy, I was devoid of blasphemy towards sacred things".

70mm x 18mm

New Kingdom 18th dynasty

Price: sold GBP

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