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BOOK: A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches

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A Visual Catalogue of Richard Hattatt's Ancient Brooches.

Soft back, 103 pages of thousands of illustrated brooches

(his own very carefully done drawings) and a finds location index. 

Richard Hattatt was a collector in the UK  who between 1982 and 1989

published four books describing the brooches (and a few
other types of things )

in his large collection which was eventually broken up ,
partly disbursed to the

Ashmolean Museum
in Oxford and in the Devizes Museum and partly sold on the antiquities market. 


A very large number of 
his pieces were  mounted on  double 
sided card stands

with typed and annotated descriptions. Believe it or not
there are fakes of the

types of brooches in his collection mounted on  fakes of these types of card stands.

There are also fakes mounted on such faked card
stands  of small bronze items such

as he did not have in his collection. I can  usually distinguish the genuine from

fake piece sand stands from only photo graphs so if you
have what you think are

Hattatt items mounted on Hattatt type card stands and are
unsure, get in touch.

See here

 £15 plus p&p




NB: I have only three 

Price: 25 GBP

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