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5953. **SOLD** Scarab protection for pregnant woman

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A nice scarab which might well have been worn on a thread
around the wrist by a pregnant woman.

Shows the goddess Taweret, part female hippo, part
crocodile,  who was amongst other things
the  protector of pregnant women.

One of her names was 'Lady of the birth house'

She was a household goddess and had no special cult

She  was a very
fierce  goddess and here is shown holding
a large knife.

The sign in front of her is the Gardiner sign V17, the
rolled up herdsman papyrus shelter which is the ideogram 
for “protection”. 



New Kingdom

Ex Gustav Moustaki collection : his enormous and diverse
collection of antiquities was formed in Alexandria during the second quarter of the twentieth century and was legally
exported from Egypt in 1949. The collection has subsequently been disbursed by
sale by his heirs

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