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Die antiken Gemmen des Kunsthistorischen Museums in Wien, Band III

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Die antiken Gemmen des Kunsthistorischen Museums in Wien,
Band III -

Isolde Luckert,  & Erika Zwierlein-Diehl.

A very large book. Very useful and detailed.
Very  good condition. Small tear on front dust jacket repaired.

German text.

Google translation of description:

Isolde Luckert, Erika Zwierlein-Diehl. The Ancient Gems
of the Kunsthistorisches Museum in Vienna, Volume III - The Gems of the Later
Roman Empire, Part 2, Masks, Mask Combinations, Fantasy and Fairy Tale Animals,
Gems with Inscriptions, Christian Gems, Magic Gems, Sasandic Seals Round
Plastic of Gem and Related Materials, Cameos Round plastic, objects with
figurative relief and glass inlays Ancient Glyptics in Reuse, Nachantike
Glyptics Supplements and additions to Volumes I and II. 362 pages and 253

Roman period West- Central- North- Eastern Europe, This
volume contains, with a few exceptions, unpublished, antique Intagli the
Antikensammlung. In addition, the content has been considerably expanded by
including the unpublished stone and glass rim sculptures and cameos, the
antique gems from the Egyptian-Oriental Collection and the Plastic and Crafts
Collection, selected antiquing gems of the 16th-18th centuries. Century, the
Sasanidischen seal, the stamp seal from the Middle East, as well as by the new

This is a VERY large  and heavy book.
 Hence postal costs quite high.
Price: 90 GBP

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