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Ancient Rings: An Illustrated Collector's Guide: book and eBook

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A book a lot of collectors have been waiting for!

This will fill a particular and significant  gap in the literature and  be especially welcomed by collectors.



A comprehensive guide to common finger rings between the
Bronze Age and post-medieval periods.

Included are over 450 pictures and descriptions of
frequently encountered types;

along with instructions for cleaning and conservation,
and a detailed glossary of relevant terms.

This book fills a conspicuous gap in research in English
into these precious mementos of times past.

Previous studies are mostly limited to “higher-end” rings
of precious metals and stones;

with little mention of pieces comprised of base metals and
low grade silver alloy.

These artifacts are being increasingly unearthed and sold
on international markets:

a recent tally of ancient, Roman, Byzantine and medieval
rings on ebay alone totaled almost 10,000 items! 

This guide describes their composition, structure and
imagery; thus providing merchants, collectors and researchers

 with an invaluable
reference on artifacts that, until now, have largely gone unexamined.



Ancient Rings: An Illustrated Collector’s Guide

Author: T.N. Pollio

Format: soft cover (7 x 10)

Pages: 180

Bibliographic Info: 473 photos, glossary, notes,
bibliography, index


Hard copies available from:

Or directly from the publisher, McFarland Books

Ebook now available from Google Play.

Price: 55 Dollars GBP

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