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SOLD** From my own collection: Iconic Attic silver tetradrachm

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I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. 
This iconic representation of Athena is a particularly attractive one I think
Attica, Athens: AR tetradrachm
 Obv: Head of Athena right, wearing pearl necklace hanging from earring,  (as sooften crested helmet doesn't show here) 
Rev: Owl standing right, head facing; olive-twig and crescent above left; AΘE to right; all within incuse square
As so often the case, smallish flan but nicely centered 25mm/22.5mm 17g
Over the 400 years that this iconic coin was minted there were very many  slightly differents heads of Athena; they are often not as pretty as this one.
 From my own collection.
Acquired from B.A. Seaby in 1961.
Comes with original coin card.
(That's inflation for you!)

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