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From my collection: VERY RARE sestertius of GALBA with magnificent portrait

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I'm starting to sell some of the best coins in my own collection. 
This is a very RARE sestertius of GALBA with a really magnificent portrait.
This sestertius type with the left facing portrait  is  even  rarer than the type with bust facing right / Victory facing left .
An extremely  fine example of the less rare variant sold for $US112,675 !

I rather like the description of the  portrait on that coin which certainly applies to this one too.

 The portrait on this fine sestertius of Galba, is of extraordinary quality by a master-engraver, depicting 

the elderly emperor as a stern aristocrat of raw virtue. His expression  is set in grim determination, and the oak-wreath resting on his head is so carefully articulated that the whole appears remarkably life-like. 

Galba ruled for only 7 months between 68and 69 AD and met his fate when executed and decapitated  by the praetorians near Lacus Curtius, the mysterious open chasm near the Roman Forum about which there are many stories and myths.

Obv: SER GALBA IMP CAESAR AVG PON MA TR P; laureate head left.
Rev: S-C to l. and r. Victory alighting r., r. holding wreath, l. palm.
Cf. RIC II Rome 401
25g 35mm
Price: 950 GBP

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