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6063. An Archaic East Greek silver oinochoe.

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An Archaic Greek  silver juglet with typical  flared neck/wide rim, a high arched handle and palmette escutcheon terminal (which has been rather corroded but is entirely stable) the ovoid body decorated with tongues on the shoulder, and plain beneath.
91mm to top of handle.
Repair to rim -  using wax in the way such repairs were done a long time ago , so is fragile.
A small hairline cracks upper belly, but stable.
Overall deterioration of silver metal at back and on base with oxidation but is perfectly stable,
Despite all, but still a handsome small piece.
Ex my own collection
Acquired C J Martin circa 1988.

Ref:     Cf. J-L. Zimmermann, Collection de la Fondation Thétis, Geneva, 1987, no.81, pp.43 & 152.
There, it is suggested that their example is of Ionian manufacture, probably produced at the end of the Archaic period.

A rather nicer one sold at Bonhams for over £5,500 in 2013

Price: 1195 GBP

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