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Small Bronze Sculpture from the Ancient World: Getty Publications 1990

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Small Bronze Sculpture from the Ancient World.

Edited by Marion True and Jerry Podany

Getty Publications  1990
The volume is a collection of papers given at a symposium on small  bronze sculpture held in March 1989 at the J. Paul Getty Museum. Small-scale bronze sculpture from  the ancient Mediterranean is reviewed here by fifteen leading scholars 
and scientists. This collection of essays explores the historical and technical considerations in provenancing and collecting bronzes of Greek, Etruscan, and Roman manufacture. 

288 pages, 239 b/w illustrations/photos

A wealth of  information which most collectors would want to know about
  • Foreword
    John Walsh
  • Dr. Heinz Menzel: In Memoriam
    David Gordon Mitten
  • Samos and Some Aspects of Archaic Greek
    Helmut Kyrieleis
  • Ancient Copper Alloys: Some Metallurgical and Technological Studies of Greek and Roman Bronzes
    David A. Scott and Jerry Podany
  • Egyptian Metal Statuary of the Third Intermediate Period (Circa 1070–656
    B.C.), from Its Egyptian Antecedents to its Samian Examples
    Robert Steven Bianchi
  • The Human Figure in Classical Bronze-working: Some Perspectives
    Joan R. Mertens
  • The Gilding of Bronze Sculpture in the Classical World
    W. A. Oddy, M. R. Cowell, P.T. Craddock, and D. R. Hook
  • The Casting of Greek Bronzes: Variation and Repetition
    Carol C. Mattusch
  • Practical Considerations and Problems of Bronze Casting
    Paul K. Cavanagh
  • Surface Working, Chiseling, Inlays, Plating, Silvering, and Gilding
    S. Boucher
  • Patinated and Painted Bronzes: Exotic Technique or Ancient Tradition?
    Hermann Born
  • Scientific Approaches to the Question of Authenticity
    Arthur Beale
  • How Important Is Provenance? Archaeological and Stylistic Questions in the Attribution of Ancient Bronzes
    Beryl Barr-Sharrar
  • The Use of Scientific Techniques in Provenance Studies of Ancient Bronzes
    Pieter Meyers
  • Connoisseurship and Antiquity
    George Ortiz
  • List of Ancient Objects
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