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608. **SOLD** Egyptian motto scarab with a wonderful inscription

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A small Egyptian scarab with a wonderful inscription
It reads: n wpt htm hty-i wdnw imn
There are two basic accepted readings of this motto scarab and one has to 'read in' more than the hieroglyphs immediately suggest.
"Annihilate not the heart but may the king direct it to go about in the house of Amun"
"May my heart not be cut into pieces in the sacrificial court of Amun"
And slight variations on that.

Ref: Rowe, Number 603
(A catalogue of Egyptian scarabs: Scaraboids, seals and amulets in the Palestine Archaeological Museum. Alan Rowe. 1936).

Small loss at the top as you can see.
New Kingdom, probably 18th dynasty.
From my own collection. Selling this duplicate.
Price: sold GBP

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