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6092. Very rare plaque for prince Khaemwaset.

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A very rare plaque for prince Khaemwaset
Intact. 15mm x 11mm  x 6mm
Made in animal bone.
The suspension hole  contains  the remnants of a copper wire

One side reads:
Sa nswt Khaemwas
The kings son, Khaemwas
 The other side reads ;
 Sem Priest  + Wr kherep Hmwt = "great" =+ "those directing" + "craftmanship"
  "Chief of the Artificers" or "Chief of Crafts" or alternatively rendered as "The Great Controller of Craftsmen".

 This appears to refer to his work in overseeing the restoration of the pyramids and temples at Giza and Saqqara which were already a thousand years old in his days. He was the fourth son of Ramesses II and the second son by his queen Isetnofret. His contributions to Egyptian society were remembered for centuries after his death. Khaemweset has been described as 'the first Egyptologist' due to his efforts in identifying and restoring historic buildings, tombs and temples. 

 A very slightly larger one in steatite was sold at the NFA auction in New York in December 1991. Another is in the Kestner Museum in Hannover. Ref: Beste.I. Skarabaen , Corpus Antquitatum Aegyptiacarum  Kestner Museum Hannover Lieferung 1-3 Mainz 1978-1979

 There is a a great deal of information about Prince Khaemwaset online.

Price: 1975 GBP

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