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6093b. Lovely Spindle flask : a really elegant shape I think!

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A really elegant anddistinctive shape I think!

The 'spindle bottle' is a distinctive shape of containers in the so-called Red Lustrous Wheel made ware production. They have been found all over the Easterm Mediteranean area, central Anatolia, Cilicia, Cyprus, the Levant, and Egypt . This wide  distribution represents cultural, commercial, and political interconnections  in the Late Bronze Age.
In past archaeological studies, a Cypriot origin for the ware has been proposed and generally accepted however, the latest discoveries from Anatolia suggests that the principal production place of RLW could be located in Cilicia in southern Anatolia. New RLW forms have been identified at Kilise Tepe level III dating to1500 BC –1300 BC.
A few chemical analyses have been done on the residues left in some of these elegant vessels which have shown beeswax, bitumen and fats and oils, suggesting that Spindle Bottles were used as oil/ointment containers.

Perfectly intact and a good size at 330mm.

Late Bronze Age I (1540 – 1400 B.C.)

From my own collection. I have had this lovely piece since 1989.
It came from a UK collection, acquired some 25 years previously and said to have been found in the Levant by a British soldier in the mid 1930s.
Price: 2750 GBP

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