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A really old Fang reliquary guardian figure

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Another piece from my late parents' collection.

A really old Fang reliquary guardian post figure 

The Fang tribe is from Equatorial Guinea, northern Gabon, and southern Cameroon.

The statuary of the Fang can be classified into three main groups: heads on long necks, half-figures and full figures, standing or seated. This is one of the   'post' types  with rough bottom part. 
 25 inches.
Cracks in wood at bottom part. No woodworm!

This is definitely quite old; surely well over a hundred years old. They were in my parent's collection. They were acquired (in Johannesburg, South Africa) in the 1950's.

I would need to ship the metal and acrylic stand  separately from the figure itself. The postal charges are for both figure and stand.

The itinerant nature of the Fang people of present-day southern Cameroon and northern Gabon brought about the practise of keeping ancestral remains with the family as they move from village to village. The sacred remains were secured in bark boxes known as "bieri"   which held the bones of revered ancestorsand guarded by a specially carved figure, whose watchful eyes prevented women and uninitiated boys to view the contents. From 1930 onwards, traditional Fang religion and art underwent a drastic transformation, until byeri figures were no longer made and their cult no longer maintained.

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Price: 475 GBP

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