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6115. Chinese Shang dynasty earthenware 'li' tripod cooking vessel

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A dark grey earthenware Chinese Shang dynasty earthenware 'li' tripod cooking vessel.

Three conical mammiform vessels joined to make the three-footed body.

The body is patterned with cord-impressed markings: when the clay was wet, fabric was applied making this pattern.

Flat everted rim added and finished with aid of turn-table or slow wheel.
Tripod vessels were developed for cooking over low fires.
The lobed form allowed a greater surface area to be heated.

The relatively advanced Chinese ceramic technology allowed for vessels such as this one to be placed directly in a fire without fear of cracking.

This vessel was probably buried in a tomb as part of the ritual set to be used by the deceased who would have to continue offering  banquets to his ancestors.

155mm high , 120mm across the rim

Intact other than small chip under rim.

Circa 13th–11th century BCShang dynasty

From my own collection. Acquired in London in  1988.
Price: 395 GBP

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