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ES352.**SOLD** Lovely deep torquoise blue named TIP shabti on stand

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This is a nice colour; a deep torquoise blue. A named shabti of the Third Intermediate Period. Hieroglyphs clear; Henet-Meret songstress of Amun.

Feet gone but nicely mounted on small stand. A nice wide basket on the back.

100 mm / 4 inches.

Approx 800 BC

Ref: Ranke 1.243

................... From Niek. The full description is: The Osiris, lady of the house, chantress of Amon, Henut-Mer(it). I think a parallell is in the Newark Museum, with same name and titles (see Araujo, Estatuetes funerarias Egipcias da XXI dinastia, page 85 (unfortunately without a picture, but this name is quite rare and the combination of it with these titles make the match reasonable). Thanks Niek!


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