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Escr538. **SOLD** VERY RARE OBJECT: Very fine INSCRIBED heart scarab

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A fine green schist or possibly basalt inscribed heart scarab with 11 horizontal lnes of very finely inscribed hieroglyphs of chapter 30 B of The book of The Dead.

65 mm x 47 mm.

The loss on one side is clearly very ancient.

The deceased asks his heart not to testify against him during the Weighing of The Heart Ceremony. 

These are common in very elite burials of the New Kingdom (circa 1550-1069 BC ) but this one has as yet not been read and the name of the deceased remains to be found.

Ex German collection


There is a very fine example, with 13 lines, for sale elsewhere  for $32,000

You  can see a version of the 30th Chapter of the Book of  The Dead in the last image here.


The transliteration is roughly.

r n tm xsf ib n N r.f

Formula for not allowing the heart of N to be removed from him
ib n mwt.i sp sn HAty.i n wnn.i tp taA
My heart of my mother, my heart of my mother, my heart of my earthly being

m aHa r.i m mtrw r-gs nbw xt
Do not stand against me as witness beside the lords of the ritual

m Dd r.i iw ir.n.f st r wn-mAa r irt.n.i
Do not say against me, he did do it, about my actions
m sxprw xt r.i r-gs nTr aA
Do not make a case against me beside the great god

i.nD Hr.k ib.i i.nD Hr.k HAty.i
Hail my heart, Hail my heart
i.nD Hr.k bskw.i i.nD nTrw ipw
Hail my entrails, Hail those gods

xntyw Hnsktyw rmnyw Hr
At the fore, tressed, resting upon their sceptres nfr.i n ra wi n nHb-kAw
Tell my goodness to Ra, hand me to Nehebkau

isk sw smA.f tA r imt-aAt
See him, uniting the earth at the great one within

wAH.i tp tA tm mwt m imnt Ax im
May I endure on earth, not die in the west, and be a blessed spirit there


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