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Esc651.**SOLD** VERY RARE AND UNUSUAL ??sacrificial scarab

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I have never some across one of these before; a scarab celebrating the sacrifice of a cow or calf. But is it???

The sign at the top left I am unsure of but that may well be  the lying bound cow or calf....a scarificial animal. The Hetep below betokens the gift and what of the bird figure? it Horus or is it a Ba??

Then look at the back; the tail in particular. Extremely rare type; not even in Petrie!

Very interesting and extremely well cut scarab.


Late period I think, but could be ealier.

Damage on one flank



   From Mark

I think the top glyph is the Bull-with-a-menat  a divine animal and not sacrificial as such but I am not sure at the moment whether it refers to a specific deity - I think not.

 The bird I would take for an "M" owl.  Pity the last glyph is lost.



Yes, I think you may well be right right actually.


Price: GBP

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