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790a. **SOLD** Magnificent and large Etruscan Bucchero Ware kyathos

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This is a magnificent piece. It is an Etruscan funerary kyathos in Bucchero Ware. It dates to the middle 5th - late 6th century BC. It is large! 16 inches high and 9 inches across.


It comes from a very old, Victorian collection and was recomposed from large fragments over a hundred years ago. In the restoration, which has been well done, the stem has been re-fixed to the body and you can see the top of a metal pin in the tondo. The base has been infilled with some material, as you can see also.


The very special feature of this magnificent piece is the decorated high flung hande with very pronounced wings and an unusual bridge at the rear. On the rim on either side of the handle are two ?horse heads. The front of the handle is decorated with a person seated upon a chair, holding a curved staff.There is other delicate incised decorarion on the stem and below the rim and inside below the handle. Cf. Villa Guilia 1.


This is an important piece and I hope that the purchaser will publish it.


16 inches x 9 inches


Late 6th - middle 5th cenntury BC


There is a very similar piece here.




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