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810. **SOLD** Very fine Egyptian bronze of Osiris from Middle Egypt

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A substantial, imposing and sold bronze statue of the the God of the Underworld And Eternity, Osiris; on the underside of the base is a mounting tang. He wears the double-plumed Atef crown with the uraeus cobra slithering down the front of it, has a  braided false beard and he holds his usual ritual implements, the crook, heka, and the flail, nkhakha His fists are positioned  horizontally at the same level which from an iconographic point of view indicates that this piece was made in Middle Egypt. Mottled dark green patina with some spots of red cuprite on the front and nice detailing on the back. Complete and intact. May well rewstore to a much finer piece. See the aditional pics at what can be achieved. 165mm including tang; 135mm excluding tang The 26th Dynasty 664 BC - 525 BC Ex Moustaki collection
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