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  • I have been a collector of ancient coins on and off  for 40 years and I have been a serious collector of antiquities for over 30 years.
  • I guarantee all of my items to be genuine and from the period stated.
  • My guarantee has no time limit.
  • If ever an appropriate museum curator or a suitable academic or another known, experienced and reputable dealer should say that anything you acquired from me is not as I said it was, then I shall be very surprised (!) but will take it back and refund your money right away!
  • I don't ask, as some sellers do, (especially on eBay) for this to be in writing because I know that museums will not provide written opinions such as this!  Anything returned in this way (and as yet it's never happened) must of course be returned in the same condition it  was when purchased and the refund or credit against another purchase is the sale price exclusive of post and packing. 



  • Beware of FAKE and MISREPRESENTED so called antiquities being offered on eBay. 
  • Have a look in the buying on eBay section on this website




Certificates of authenticity


  • I can, on request, provide certificates with a description and photograph of any piece you acquire from me.
  • These are certificates of aunthenticity and guarantee
  • But my guarantee applies whether you have a certificate or not!