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From Renate


6th March 2008


Hattat had fakes which are copied in multiples today?



Some images of a fake Hattatt stag brooch





UPDATE 2020.

The photo of the stag brooch above to the right labelled genuine....

Well, that's what we thought!

One felt at that time reassured by the expertise at the PAS

Credit: from PAS (the Portable Antiquities Scheme  run by the British Museum and Amgueddfa Cymru - National Museum Wales )

This entry here.

Was it really found by a detectorist in the ground??????

The same question is raised by this example.


Another fake stag brooch. The relative length of the brooch pins is worth noting. (Image below)


These are the "clones"  of this type.  From eBay sellers clairecoins, caligula art, vergina and www_cfancients_com.jpg


To illustrate that there is no piece this brooch design is taken from: stag brooches from Hattatt's visual catalogue:





Some examples from a place in Luxemburg:




Brooches from Hattatt's collection have either stands or attached tags as far as I know (I guess the tags are the low quality pieces he stored in drawers), and a tiny 4-digit number written in white on them.


This is one of mine to show the tags, sellers's photo and own photo:


The seller of the "Hattatt"  sent an image of Hattatt displays which  He took it from another sellers catalogue:


And finally, another another Hattatt display stand with a genuine brooch from the Hattatt colection!


The copy shown at the top of this page of what many years ago we thought was a copy of a genuine brooch, was made by the  forger,  the late John Andrews. Such were sold by him both as reproductions and also sometimes as genuine.


The point being made is that all such stag brooches are fakes.

Look more closely at the brooch supposedly from the Hattatt collection.

I dont want to be too specific. Ask me if you cant see it.

Knowlegeable brooch collectors will realise right away...!

Not only the brooch but the supposed Hattat collection mount is a fake too.

There is something there which  gives the game away. I don't intend advertising that here to help fakers.


About Hattatt fakes please see here>>>>>

This type is definitely fake too.


More fakes Roman brooches.