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 From Jnr

14th Jan 07

It's been a cold winter in Thrace.

Deer are coming down from the mountains to the eBay plain searching for food. 270055541935 160052046494 260070383872 270074881049




From Jnr

15th Jan 07

.........because hungry bears are coming behind 260050294844 280069884679 260069338672



Same sellers as above 260049941932 300063957385 160066595835 270076690398

I think you  can assume that these sellers are all supplied by the same little factory churning out all these fakes!



 From Jnr

21st Jan 07

Galley. Type 3. Also known as the zoomorphic galley
or swimming rabbits. 190047912802 Register afapf 300063674080 same 190067510337 same 160070064387 same


Ref. " De mare falsa". Apollonius Ponticus. Chapter III:
"First thracian essays at camouflage on the Pontus".
In, "Ramon Jr" <rsdeheredia@...>
Galley.Type 2. Streamlined version of the traditional
Thracian trirreme V-type 1. 270053808853 Register afapf 300059329797 same 270074694166 same 110074127485 same
For V- type 1 and more type 2 (on dry dock)
go to Real or Fake

Ref. "De mare falsa". Apollonius Ponticus.Chapter II:
And the Thracians built a navy of ships.
Ramon Jr.
PS. Thracia.Today Bulgaria.



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