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Items in category NEAR EAST & WESTERN ASIATIC:
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4497. Very fine bronze bowl with superb mirror-like patina
This bronze bowl whose outer surface has a remarkable glossy dark grey-green mirror-like patina...
230 GBP
6009. Stone mace head in an unusual stone
Stone mace head in an unusual stone In a very heavy stone and though with such high iron con...
295 GBP
5748. Very Nice Luristan bronze axe head
A really nice Luristan axe head with a particularly good patina Intact 165mm North West Persia, c...
425 GBP
6027.**SOLD** Sabaean bronze camel and rider.
Sabaean bronze camel and rider. Bronze camel with a naked rider or possibly a deity holdin...
6010. **SOLD** Nice Achaemenid cylinder seal
Nice Achaemenid cylinder seal . In a rather nice orange red stone Hero fighting mythical w...
sold GBP
6007.**SOLD** Old Babylonian Haematite cylinder seal
 Old Babylonian Haematite cylinder seal Six standing figures: see note from the late Profess...
sold GBP
6011. **SOLD** Fine Akkadian cylinder seal
Fine Akkadian cylinder seal In a particularly  nice very dark green stone. (Much more...
sold GBP
5892. Three 'Luristan' bronze pins
Three 'Luristan' bronze pins with zoomorphic finials. This type of pin which were made in bot...
145 each GBP
4033. Good Amlash Grey-Ware dish
An interesting dish or bowl in Grey Ware and with extensive fine root marks. It is from an old coll...
495 GBP
5624. Very large Luristan bronze pin
A very large Luristan type bronze pin with a really very nice patina.Solid and heavy.282mm.North Wes...
175 GBP
4177. Bactrian type bronze axe head
This bronze axe head which  appears to have been heavily cleaned some time ago is of the type w...
115 GBP
**SOLD** Les figurines anthropomorphes en terre cuite a l' agee du Bronze en Syrie
 Les figurines anthropomorphes en terre cuite a l' agee du Bronze en Syrie by Leila Badre...
sold GBP
6002. Magical incantation bowl
Magical incantation bowl I am selling this magical incantation (or 'devil trap') bowl for a ...
425 GBP
5940. Fine and large bronze javelin blade
Large bronze javelin blade . A leaf-shaped blade with wide raised mid-rib and 'rat-tail' ta...
495 GBP
4840. **SOLD** A nicely shaped Neo-Babylonian stamp seal.
A nicely shaped Neo-Babylonian grey stone dome seal showing a worshipper in front of the spade motif...
sold GBP
1944. A particularly nice Western Asiatic bronze pin with superb patina
A very chunky , good sized bronze pin in good metal with a heavy solid bronze head which has a wonde...
195 GBP
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