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Items in category ROMAN:
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1768. Unusual: Roman bone buckle
I've not come across such as this before: A Roman buckle and pin made from bone.The bronze cross-pin...
120 GBP
4731. Roman silver stud
An interesting silver Roman stud or button with a head probably meant to be a god. Probably a miltar...
125 GBP
5194. Interesting and attractive Roman terracotta vessel
This is an unusual piece in a particularly thin and delicate pottery fine grained orange fabric ...
165 GBP
5182. A lovely shaped Roman glass bottle
A lovely shaped Roman glass bottleIn a pale transparent  green glass.Intact bar a tiny short ha...
175 GBP
4687. A pair of Roman glass bottles: only one now.
A pair of relatively inexpensive Roman glass. bottles.Intact.71mm SOLD and 108mm.Both 2nd/3rd centur...
95 each GBP
4959. Roman bronze banqueter
A solid bronze reclining banqueter figurine.The reclining banqueter is much more a Greek and especia...
390 GBP
4184. **SOLD** Rare Roman gladiator lamp
Galdiator and military motifs are rarely found on this series of lamps from Roman North Af...
sold GBP
4913. Very elegant Roman glass bottle
This  pale green transparent Roman glass bottle is a particularly pleasing shape I think.The pr...
190 GBP
4700. **SOLD** Lovely translucent Roman intaglio
A rather nice translucent carnelian intaglio with a remnant of the ring still attached to it.Intact....
sold GBP
5650. Imposing, very large Roman glass “candlestick” unguentarium
A really quite imposing, large  Roman glass "candlestick" unguentarium Intact bar a sh...
395 GBP
1624. A rather nice mounted Roman bronze applique
A nice Roman bronze applique in an unusual three quarters view nicely mounted with it's pin through ...
135 GBP
4762. Very delicate Roman bone pin: repaired
Extremely delicately made Roman bone pin. Top has broken off and has been repaired: not very ...
25 GBP
652. RARE blue faience gaming piece
This is a rare thing; a lovely  blue faience gaming piece. A curled up ?dog.But the face looks ...
235 GBP
1130. Fine Roman bronze togate youth
A really attractive bronze applique of a togate youth. Very light grey-green patina. Some staining o...
190 GBP
4350. Nice Roman glass unguentarium
This quite large Roman  glass unguentarium is a particualrly nice delicate aquamarine blue...
145 GBP
4712. Pair of Roman gold earrings
Pair of small Roman gold boat shaped earrings with garnets.The pendants that hung from the  sma...
325 GBP
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