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Items in category ROMAN:
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4505. **SOLD** Fine and interesting inscribed Roman stele
This is a nicely mounted top portion of a marble funerary stele which has an interesting inscription...
sold GBP
5412. **SOLD** Handsome and wearable Roman silver ring with nice glass intaglio
A handsome and wearable Roman silver ring with a pleasing green glass intaglioThe intaglio is 9mmSiz...
sold GBP
5857. A pair of Roman lead sealings
A pair of of Roman lead sealings. Approx 16mm and each has a perforation for attachment .1st - 4...
25 each GBP
5241. **SOLD** A very attractive wearable Roman gold ring.
An unusual and very attractive Roman gold ring. An elegantly shaped tapered hollow gold band ...
sold GBP
5834. Interesting small lead weight.
An interesting small lead weight. I cannot decide whether the marks are deliberately cut and are le...
65 GBP
5197. **SOLD** Attractive Roman bronze Eros
A rather nice small fragmentary Roman bronze of Eros Though fragmentary it is very pleasing with a ...
sold GBP
5491. **SOLD** Roman stamped legionary brick
A legionary building brick bearing the stamp for Legio I Italica. The brick measures approx....
sold GBP
4294. **SOLD** Early Danubian horse rider plaque
An interesting and probably quite early Danubian horse rider lead plaque from the Danubian Rider my...
sold GBP
22. Roman bronze furniture terminal of a lion
This Roman bronze furniture fitting apears to be a handle attachment; a solid hoop probably fitted t...
145.00 GBP
4778.**SOLD** Imposing and quite large Roman stone fragment .
A fairly large and rather imposing Roman stone fragment probably from a large funerary stele.Its pro...
sold GBP
5897.**SOLD** Nice wearable Roman silver ring - green enamelling
 A very nice wearable Roman silver ring with green enamelling inlay Nice decoration on ...
sold GBP
4837. Roman glass bottle- nice iridescense
Roman glass unguentarium with some pleasing iridescence Intact 124mm Roman 2nd-3rd century
195 GBP
5912. **SOLD** Really attractive Roman ring - wearable
A nice wearable Roman bronze ring with a really nice green glass intaglio showing several bi...
sold GBP
5707. Solid silver Roman ring
Solid silver Roman ring. A very wearable rind in good metal. Bezel lightly engraved w...
175 GBP
5902. **SOLD** Roman silver lunar crescent pendant - wearable
A particularly nice, good sized  Roman silver lunar crescent pendant such as worn by d...
sold GBP
5016. **SOLD** Very fine fragmentary Roman marble
A particularly nicely done fragmentary Roman marble statue.I�m pretty sure it would have been...
sold GBP
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