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Items in category ROMAN:
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862. **SOLD** Imposing Roman bronze Silenus face fragment.
This nicely mounted partial head of Silenus has a magnificent dark patina with lovely ruddy cuprite ...
sold GBP
1742. Fine Roman bone pin
A really fine Roman bone pin with a well made head at the top. Tip of pin has been lost. Loo...
250 GBP
5869. **SOLD** Very attractive wearable Roman ring
A really very attractive and eminently wearable silver ring with lovely intaglio. Typical 3r...
sold GBP
1241. Very unusual Byzantine lead bowl 7th/8th century
This Roman Byzantine lead bowl has been seen at the Berlin museum and was said to be 7th/8th ce...
325 GBP
5160. Nice wearable Roman bronze ring
A nice wearable Roman bronze ring, the metal bezel of which showing a leaping lion.UK size M, USA si...
115 GBP
5199. **SOLD** An unusual Roman glass flask
An unusual Roman glass flask with an extended tail.In a very lightweight glass and with a wonderful ...
sold GBP
4913. Very elegant Roman glass bottle
This  pale green transparent Roman glass bottle is a particularly pleasing shape I think.The pr...
190 GBP
4700. **SOLD** Lovely translucent Roman intaglio
A rather nice translucent carnelian intaglio with a remnant of the ring still attached to it.Intact....
sold GBP
652. RARE blue faience gaming piece
This is a rare thing; a lovely  blue faience gaming piece. A curled up ?dog.But the face looks ...
235 GBP
4350. Nice Roman glass unguentarium
This quite large Roman  glass unguentarium is a particualrly nice delicate aquamarine blue...
145 GBP
5731. **SOLD** First century Roman glass bottle
A very nice example of a particular type of Roman first century glass In a very delicate fabric wit...
sold GBP
5738. **SOLD** Very fine Roman intaglio
Very fine Roman intaglio A rather noble looking woman wearing what I thought to be a small modius...
sold GBP
5674. **SOLD** Unusual Roman glass bottle with lovely and graceful trailing
A rather unusual Roman glass bottle with really lovely and graceful trailing decoration in a plea...
sold GBP
4082. **SOLD** Very attractive large Roman glass bottle
A really lovely and quite large Roman globular bottle in a very light yellowish glass with...
sold GBP
4080. **SOLD** Rather elegant Roman glass pitcher
A rather elegant Roman pitcher of conical form in a mid green glass.There is an internal circular &q...
sold GBP
1722. **SOLD** Very fine and RARE Roman lamp with boxers
This a very good example of a rare type with a makers mark . A pair of fistfighters in animated...
sold GBP
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