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4486. Nice faience amulet of Anubis
A nice green faience amuletof Anubis the jackal headed god of funerary rites.Anubis amulets are fair...
220 GBP
6040b. Some very early crystal beads from the Levant.
Some very early crystal beads from the Levant.Maybe someone can make use of them in making up jewell...
95 GBP
6040. Finely made crystal bead from the ANE
Three well made crystal beads from the Ancient Near East.Found it at the back of a drawer here while...
115 GBP
6045. Roman glass bracelets: only one left!
Four Roman glass bracelets. Each intact and wearable if you are careful.All are 2nd-4th century...
From 115 GBP
6048.**SOLD** Medieval/Byzantine silver Chi Rho ring
Nice Medieval/Byzantine silver Christian Chi Rho ringUK O 1/2, USA 7.5, EU 55
sold GBP
1669. Lovely and unusual pair of Roman gold earrings.
This pair of very well made gold earrings came from a collection in which they were said to be Celti...
475 GBP
6023. Solid gold element from a Parthian gold earring
Solid gold element from a Parthian gold earringAlthough just one and very fragmentary, it’s  ...
255 GBP
3051. Early Greco-Roman gold earring
This well made single gold earring is either very early Roman, or possibly late Hellenistic Greek.Ex...
345 GBP
1575. Unusual pair of late Roman/Byzantine bronze and glass earrings
A pair of Late Roman or Byzantine bronze and glass earrings Good metal. 97mm long Late Roman/Byza...
225 GBP
5860. Wearable ancient necklace
A really nice wearable necklace made up from 51 glass beads and 52 pierced bone discs. The g...
445 GBP
5459. Necklace made up from Roman glass beads
This necklace made up from 25 striated blue and white Roman melon beadsWith blue Roman glass bead&nb...
435 GBP
5400. Exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklace
An exquisite and very delicately made Roman gold necklacewith an assortment of white, umber, cream a...
1250 GBP
4551. Byzantine monogram ring with silver bezel.
An interesting late Byzantine ring with silver bezel chased with a monogram.The band is co...
135 GBP
BOOK: The Art of Medieval Jewelry: an illustrated history.
I would like to recommend this very recently published book by a collector friend. It is an importan...
55 dollars GBP
5661. Small Roman bronze ring - leaping lion.
This is a charming little ring in lovely metal with a decent patina. The small bezel is nicely e...
110 GBP
1016. Bold Roman bronze ring with chased metal bezel
This a large and imposing Roman bronze ring with a large oval metal bezel chased boldly with a lion....
115 GBP
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