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Items in category ROMAN:
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4479. Inexpensive Roman bronze portrait ring.
Quite a nice small Roman bronze portrait ring.Fairly crude in manufacture with the band rather thin ...
90 GBP
4337. Very large Roman oil lamp.
A very large and imposing lamp even though the surface slip has been lost and it's quite worn.I...
395 GBP
Greek Imperial Countermarks - Important book
An extremely important work rare to find at under £200.   Greek Imperial Countermark...
185 GBP
4889. A nicely mounted larger than life size Roman marble finger
The sculpture from which this fragment has come must have been pretty impressive as it's well over l...
245 GBP
4487. Rare Roman silver amulet.
A rather nice little Roman silver figurative amulet. Diffcult to be sure who it is me...
575 GBP
5144. Magnificent Roman bronze chariot fitting
This rather mournful looking fellow is a Roman bronze chariot fitting which was found in Germany. It...
875 GBP
5411. Nice tall Roman glass 'candlestick' unguentarium
A nice tall Roman glass “candlestick” unguentarium in a light green clear glass. Intact 156mm ...
220 GBP
5942. Nice North African Roman Redware dish
A nice North African Roman Redware dishIncised circle at centre. Lovely condition – intact ...
270 GBP
1987. Roman marble Cherub
Nicely mounted on a polished metal stand, a rather charming fragmentary marble cherub of g...
775 GBP
6017. Fine Roman Red Ware basin
A good sized basin in the typical Red Ware of Roman North Africa.Very fine condition.242mm / 9.5 inc...
345 GBP
1240. Unusual Roman North African pottery
This Roman North African Redware pottery is pretty plentiful on the market and I have hand...
185 GBP
5385. Handsome Roman or Byzantine bronze portrait ring.
A very handsome Roman or Byzantine bronze portrait ringDark patina.Intact and very wearable; quite l...
275 GBP
1669. Lovely and unusual pair of Roman gold earrings
This pair of very well made gold earrings came from a collection in which they were said to be Celti...
455 GBP
827. Very delicate pair of Roman gold earrings.
An unusual, very delicately made and rather lovely pair of Roman gold earrings with pendant discs&nb...
350 GBP
**SOLD** A catalogue of the lamps in the British Museum - Roman provincial lamps
A catalogue of the lamps in the British Museum Roman provincial lamps. By D. M. Bailey. &...
sold GBP
1999. Lovely and large Roman glass bottle.
This large Roman glass bottle is  a particularly nice shape and has the pointil smoothed off.It...
265 GBP
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