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Items in category EGYPTIAN:
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Book: Davies & Macadam- Exceedingly scarce book
Very limited original print run and exceedingly rare to find on the market.A corpus of inscribed Egy...
290 GBP
5771. Rare colour for faience: Wedjat amulet
A fairly rare colour in faience: an off-white Wedjat amulet with a black brow. Intact 15mm. ...
125 GBP
4884. Very dark green faience amulet of Ptaikos
A very dark blue, almost black , flat backed faience amulet of Ptaikos.Intact.16mmLate Period, circa...
95 GBP
5917. **SOLD** Interesting and rare type of motto scarab
Interesting and rare type of motto scarab In a greenish grey faience, the signs say 'Venerat...
sold GBP
5772.**SOLD** Exceptionally fine faience Wadjet amulet
An exceptionally fine blue faience eye of Horus amulet with added black detailing Wonderful colou...
sold GBP
5303. Small faience Wedjat amulets: ONLY ONE LEFT HERE
Three small faience Wedjat amulets. Two at 12mm and the tiny one, only 9mm Late Period, circa 500...
55 each GBP
4258. Rare black faience amulet of Ptaikos
A very fine amulet of the dwarf god Ptaikos in black faience which is very uncommon. I think tha...
325 GBP
5734. Imposing faience Wadjet plaque
Fairly large and imposing faience Wadjet amuletic plaque Nice glossy green faience 30mm x 25mm La...
395 GBP
5901. Rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis
Very interesting and very rare type of faience bead plaque of Isis In a really lovely vibran...
475 GBP
6037. Fragmentary Coptic gold earring
A fragmentary Coptic (Roman period) gold earring from Egypt.The three pendants are missing but its s...
325 GBP
5428. **SOLD** An extremely interesting scarab
An extremely interesting scarab made at a time of disunity in  Egypt.This finely made scar...
sold GBP
5995. Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys
Egyptian faience amulet of Nephthys A rather nice example with good detailing for this size ...
175 GBP
4083. Nice double sided faience Ptaikos amulet
A rather nice example of this fairly common amuletic  form Ptaikos in his the dwarf incarn...
190 GBP
1570. Nicely detailed faience amulet of Harpokrates
A nicely detailed little faience amulet of Harpokrates with the side-lock of youth and his fing...
120 GBP
64. Interesting New Kingdom button type seal
This steatite button seal has a small area of damage on the back but is otherwise a very good exampl...
105.00 GBP
**5233** SOLD. A possibly unique Egyptian funerary cone.
A possibly unique Egyptian funerary cone.Until I came across this cone a few years ago it was essent...
sold GBP
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