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5845. **SOLD** Superb stone amulet of crowned Horus falcon
A wonderfully made dark green-grey schist amulet of a the crowned Horus falcon. Truly a superb th...
sold GBP
**SOLD** Very attractive and unusual Canaanite scarab
A handsome Canaanite steatite scarab, very well executed and with an unusual back.Winged s...
sold GBP
5314. Interesting inscribed Wedjat plaque
A small dark blue faience plaque  with the Eye  of Horus on one side and a slightly bungle...
115 GBP
5815. **SOLD** Fairly rare Egyptian motto scarab
A fairly rare motto scarab It reads: Praise the Lord of the North and the South. The alternative r...
sold GBP
123G. **SOLD** Very nice faience shabti for an IMY-KHENT PRIEST
A nice green faience (going slightly brown) shabti for an Imy Khent priest. Reads: "The Os...
sold GBP
5818. **SOLD** A really superb blue faience ring
A really superb blue faience ring An openwork design showing a seated goddess, Maat. Intact, real...
sold GBP
5361. **SOLD** A scarab for King Sheshi
A very nice example of a scarab for the early king Maaibre Sheshi. Intact 18mm 14th/15th dynasty ...
sold GBP
5124. **SOLD** Good New Kingdom ushabti
This late New Kingdom faience shabti was with me a few years abackļæ½.and  now is back with me,...
sold GBP
5642. **SOLD** Lovely glossy faience amulet of Isis and Harpokrates
A really nicely coloured glossy  light blue faience amulet of Isis nursing the infant Har...
sold GBP
5796. **SOLD** An unusually large overseer, Reis, ushabti
An unusually large overseer, Reis, ushabti . The Reis shabtis of this perid are mostly much smalle...
sold GBP
5791. Very inexpensive Egyptian faience cowroid
A plain Egyptian faience cowroid Intact 14mm Probably Later Period circa 500 BC £45
45 GBP
5767. A nicely made steatite plaque
A nicely made steatite plaque Shows a central djed, meaning stability, flanked by feathers of trut...
120 GBP
5753. A plain hardstone scarab
A plain dark grey hardstone scarab. The base without any incised design. Probably Levantine rather...
85 GBP
4809. VERY rare amulet: muliple Nefertum
This rare amulet type , in a greenish blue faience, shows no less than seven little figures of the g...
295 GBP
4640. Small open-work multiple Wadjet amulet
Two open-work blue faience Wedjat amulets of very diminutive size. 10mm and 8mm.Third Intermediate P...
35 GBP
3063. **SOLD** Charming little SILVER amulet of Harpokrates
These Harpokrates amulets with a loop on the back are not all that uncommonly found in bronze, but t...
sold GBP
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