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Items in category EGYPTIAN:
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5793. A very prescisley cut Hyksos scrab
A very prescisley cut Hyksos scrab showing the typical scroll pattern. Intact 15mm Second Interm...
130 GBP
5791. Very inexpensive Egyptian faience cowroid
A plain Egyptian faience cowroid Intact 14mm Probably Later Period circa 500 BC 45
45 GBP
5782. **SOLD** An interesting Third Intermediate Period faience ushabti
An interesting Third Intermediate Period faience ushabtiRather unusualy for this period, has two c...
sold GBP
5785. **SOLD** Charming little Egyptian lapis amulet of a frog
A rather charming little Egyptian lapis amulet of a frog Very nicely made. Front of left foot...
sold GBP
5783. An unsual very small faience scarab
Very small faience scarab probably meant to be showing an ichneumon, a mongoose. Hole goes from...
85 GBP
5776. A somewhat unusual figural scarab.
A rather nice, somewhat unusual figural scarab. Seems to wear some sort of headdress. I wonder what...
135 GBP
5774. Very cheap faience amulet of Shu.
Very inexpensive bluish green faience amulet of Shu. Somewhat damaged as you can see. 19mm ...
25 GBP
5770. Funerary cone: possibly unique. Published.
A previously unrecorded and possibly unique, but now published, Egyptian funerary cone which prior ...
845 GBP
5767. A nicely made steatite plaque
A nicely made steatite plaque Shows a central djed, meaning stability, flanked by feathers of trut...
120 GBP
5765. A nice Second Intermediate Period scarab
A nice Second Intermediate Period scarab Showing a pair of nefer signs flanking a shen sign with re...
125 GBP
5753. A plain hardstone scarab
A plain dark grey hardstone scarab. The base without any incised design. Probably Levantine rather...
85 GBP
5751. Nice scarab with horse
Horses are not commonly shown on scarabs. Intact 14mm Probably Late Period circa 500 BC
115 GBP
4809. VERY rare amulet: muliple Nefertum
This rare amulet type , in a greenish blue faience, shows no less than seven little figures of the g...
295 GBP
4651. Inexpensive open-work faience Wedjat amulet
An inexpensive brown faience open-work Wedjat amulet.Cheap as it has been repaired and there is also...
50 GBP
5367. Cute little faience amulet of a cat
A rather cute little greenish brown faience amulet of a catIntact.Only 10mm highLate Period circa 50...
75 GBP
4640. Small open-work multiple Wadjet amulet
Two open-work blue faience Wedjat amulets of very diminutive size. 10mm and 8mm.Third Intermediate P...
35 GBP
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