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4445.**SOLD** Rare head type in fine Hyksos scarab
A  fine example of this type of Hyksos scarab , showing linked concentric  circles and wit...
sold GBP
5954. **SOLD** A very unusual scarab : head of Bes and Tilapia fish.
 A very unusual scarab showing the head of Bes , below which, a Tilapia fish. both moti...
sold GBP
**5233** 5233. A possibly unique Egyptian funerary cone.
A possibly unique Egyptian funerary cone.Until I came across this cone a few years ago it was essent...
sold GBP
4966. **SOLD** A very interesting steatite scaraboid plaque seal
A very interesting double sided steatite plaqueOne side shows the king as a recumbent crowned s...
sold GBP
4447. Blue faience amulet of Ptaikos
Quite a nice blue faience amulet of the dwarf figure of Ptaikos.Substantial piercing for suspension ...
120 GBP
1996. Inexpensive steatite scarabs: only one left.
Some small Egyptian scarabs. All around 12mm - 15mm. All Second Intermediate Period, circ...
65 each GBP
5623. Good sized faience Wedjat amulet
An attractive and good sized faience Wedjat amulet Mottled two tone appearance with some mossy disc...
115 GBP
5850. **SOLD** Inexpensive blue-green faience shabti
An inexpensive blue-green faience shabti mounted on a clear acrylic block Intact 63mm Late Period...
sold GBP
5454. Small blue faience shabti for Ptah Hotep.
A small blue faience shabti for Ptah Hotep with very clear hieroglyphs both front and back. Title m...
390 GBP
5641. Three Egyptian lapis lazuli lotus amulet beads.
Three small Egyptian lapis lazuli lotus amulet beads. Very nicely made and with tiny holes in the s...
145 each GBP
4631. Inexpensive faience payprus sceptre amulet.
Aninexpensive light blue faience Wadj papyrus sceptre amulet.Top has been repaired.47mm.Late Period,...
65 GBP
5868. Very fine Amarna amuletic beads
Three nice Amarna period faience bead amulets. Intact with original suspension hoops. Bes...
From 145 GBP
4885. Nice glossy blue faience amulet of Isis
A small very deep blue glossy faience amulet of Isis wearing her characteristic headdress.Nice detai...
170 GBP
1997. A rare type of scarab
Although very smoothed with the cut design almost worn away this scarab showing a pair of monke...
65 GBP
6015. Tiny faience cat amulets
Three rather delightful Egyptian faience cat amulets. Very tiny but with expressive faces! ...
From 55 GBP
5996. Interesting very early terracotta vessel from Israel
An interesting very early terracotta vessel from Israel Piriform with a broad strap handle an...
175 GBP
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