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Items in category EGYPTIAN:
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5647. Small but nice faience Taweret amulet.
Small but nice faience Taweret amulet This is a representation of the hippopotamus goddess,...
75 GBP
4592. **SOLD** Handsome small faience ushabti
A rather nicely shaped small faience ushabti; though small, rather handsome. Intact though a little...
sold GBP
5837. RARE faience drop pendant: Sethi I
Drop-pendant of Sethi I This drop pendant which bears the prenomen of Sethi I - Men-Maat-Re used ...
295 GBP
5181. Middle Kingdom alabaster cosmetic kohl pot
A nice Middle Kingdom alabaster cosmetic kohl pot In a rather attractive wavy banded alabaster/ca...
495 GBP
1570. Nicely detailed faience amulet of Harpokrates
A nicely detailed little faience amulet of Harpokrates with the side-lock of youth and his fing...
115 GBP
5314. Interesting inscribed Wedjat plaque
A small dark blue faience plaque  with the Eye  of Horus on one side and a slightly bungle...
115 GBP
5824. A pair of nice faience Djed amuets
A pair of particularly nice green faience Djed amulets. The djed pillar amulet was one of the most ...
135 each GBP
733. Wonderfully coloured faience amulet of Thoeris
Even though slightly damaged this faience amulet of Thoeris is a wonderful glossy, deep blue. The ...
135 GBP
4833. Attractive and large Egyptian scarab; slightly different type of the Hyksos rope pattern.
An attractive and large Egyptian steatite scarab with a slightly different type of the Hyksos rope p...
240 GBP
4950. Sema scarab with interesting back
An interesting scarab with the Sema motif of unification but much less stylised than it is normally ...
150 GBP
4587. Impressive steatite plaque
An interesting double  sided steatite plaque showing a pair of crocodiles and on the other side...
255 GBP
4312. VERY LARGE faience amulet of Bes
This is very large and imposing pale blue faience amulet of Bes.Intact.Suspension hole  though ...
625 GBP
5815. **SOLD** Fairly rare Egyptian motto scarab
A fairly rare motto scarab It reads: Praise the Lord of the North and the South. The alternative r...
sold GBP
123G. **SOLD** Very nice faience shabti for an IMY-KHENT PRIEST
A nice green faience (going slightly brown) shabti for an Imy Khent priest. Reads: "The Os...
sold GBP
4962. Nice detailed small Isis and Horus amulet
A really sweet little blue  faience amulet of Isis nursing the Infant Horus.Nice detailing and ...
155 GBP
5818. **SOLD** A really superb blue faience ring
A really superb blue faience ring An openwork design showing a seated goddess, Maat. Intact, real...
sold GBP
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