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This is a rather understandable mistake as the fake faience amulets coming from this manufacturer in Egypt are really quite well made.

Offered by an international auction house.

The output from this little factory is limited but most of their faience produce is well made.

This particular type appears to have been made since approximately 4 years ago.

Here is one probably from the same mould as the one on offer there.


More information and photos here:


The piece did not sell in the auction. So perhaps potential buyers know what you now know.

BUT what is really very worrying is that this auction offering now remains available as an apparently "respectable" reference for the  type. The  makers of these fakes couldn't have hoped for more!

On the other hand, this is of course just my opinion. It is not impossible that this amulet is genuine and was used to make the master mould for the many fakes.

Another auction: many items authenticated by an Egyptologist.


Take for example, the scarabs.

Oh dear..... some inspired by a few in Newberry's book.

This auction house responded fairly quickly and withdrew these.